What we care about:

We, the Rainforest Family are a foundation that is working together with the Indigenous Shuar tribe in the Amazon to contribute to a better and sustainable world. With reforestation projects we protect and maintain the rainforest and create a better planet for all of us.

The Shuar:

The Shuar are an indigenous people of Ecuador and Peru. They are members of the Jivaroan peoples, who are Amazonian tribes living at the headwaters of the Marañón River. Shuar, in the Shuar language, means “people.” (Reference: http://amazon-explorer.blogspot.nl/2011/07/shuar-jibaro-people.html).

 The Shuar communities are trying to protect and maintain their traditional way of life in harmony with the ecosystem of the rainforest. They are buying seeds for plants and trees, grow them and plant the shoots in the ground in deforested area’s.