Tawasap January 2018

Ineke and I went for the second time to the Shuar community or Tawasap during the first week of January of this year.

It was great to be back and were given a more than warm welcome. We spend hours and hours talking with Tzama and Maria to learn more about the community and to get an update on the reforestation project. The plants are growing fast and they are planning to build a second greenhouse in Tawasap. Many people from other communities are helping with planting back these small trees in the forest. The bottleneck is transport, so our main goal for 2018 is the fundraising to buy a small truck. This truck will be used for bringing fruits and vegetables to the local markets to generate income for the Shuar and to transport the plants into the jungle for reforestation.

From the donations that were done through the Rainforestfamily tools, greenhouse necessities and education materials were purchased. All spending’s were documented to make sure that 100% of the donations end up in Tawasap.

This year (august 2018) there will be another (the 6th) reforestation event so we will keep on asking for donations since this hard work must be continued to preserve our future earth !!